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Color Glass

Lampwork, flamework  - plastic processing of colored art glass in a burner flame. A rod of glass of a certain color is introduced into the flame of an air-propane, oxygen, hydrogen or plasma burner, and the glass is melted into a bead or product, glasses of different colors can be added on top.

Quartz glass is also called rock crystal. 


Quartz glass, fused quartz is a single-component glass made of pure silicon oxide, obtained by melting natural varieties of silica - rock crystal, vein quartz and quartz sand.

Crystal (from ancient Greek κρύσταλλος - ice) is a special type of glass containing at least 24% lead oxide (PbO) or barium oxide (BaO).


The addition of lead oxide increases the refractive index of glass and the dispersion of light in it (from a jeweler's point of view - "play of color", "fire").


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